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Darby Zerbini




Darby Zerbini


Darby has been an active and successful real estate agent since 2009. She takes pride in assisting sellers and buyers who need to make an important transition in their life. Prior to real estate she grew up in Washington County, PA. In 2006 Darby graduated from Seton Hill University with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy. After a career in marketing she decided to branch out on her own and tackle the real estate industry. From the first sale up to her most recent, she has learned more and more each time, which in return allowed her to obtain a lot of experience in problem solving. There are many things that Darby will help you with when going through the real estate process. She will guide you through all the step-by-step tasks that are necessary to get to the closing table. In doing so she will remain ethical, on point and confident that you will have a smooth transaction. If there are any bumps in the road she will be there to help resolve the issues that can sometimes surface. When a seller and buyer are making this huge purchase or sale in their life, it is important that you have an experienced and professional agent such as Darby.


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